Container trucks, dollies

Are you looking for a solution for uncomplicated, manageable transport for small loads? Bingo! We have any number of container trucks for you – from a wire mesh basket or wire mesh box truck to lockable metal box trucks with folding side panels. Choose the transport aid that best suits your needs and the proposed use, load carrying capacity and volume now.

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Let it roll! Container trucks that carry loads

Our mobile all-rounders have become an integral part of company logistics: wire mesh trolleys,display containers, logistics containers, dollies – we at KAISER+KRAFT have a suitable mobile load carrier for every conceivable area of application. And as with all the products in our range, the design, material and size of the platform trolleys also cater to the respective application. And an overriding goal as well: maximum utility value for companies and personnel.

Sterile or rough and tumble? Container trucks for every requirement

Do you have to observe strict hygiene standards? An aluminium container truck is corrosion-resistant, odourless and easy to clean. With a hinged side panel, loading and unloading is no problem and with a capacity of up to 1050 litres, there's plenty of room for anything you need to load. Or are you looking for a practical transport device for processing your shipments? How about an order picking trolley with mesh panels? This is how efficient material flow works: streamlined, manoeuvrable and resilient due to a sturdy tubular steel construction on two smooth-running swivel and fixed castors each, made of polypropylene. And you don't need to worry about your floors either, because the dollies from our online shop run on abrasion-resistant transport castors that won't leave any marks, even when transporting heavy loads.

Speaking of heavy things at the business, we would like to make you an offer: sturdy container trucks with an angled steel construction and walls made of MDF panels are ideal when there is something to dispose of. A maximum load capacity of up to 500 kg also makes them a solid option for temporary storage, especially if there is a bottleneck in storage equipment. And if something can be removed immediately, we offer a wide range of waste bins.

We'll cover it up. Unless you prefer an open load?

Safety first – to ensure that the goods to be transported are also kept safe in our container trucks, they are available with a lockable cover. Hang the padlock through the eyelets and that's it. The situation is a completely different one if you would like easy access to the goods to be transported, or if your roll containers are to be used for displaying goods. Whether with fold-down panels or open sides, the enormous variety offered by our transport equipment leaves nothing to be desired. Or is there something else that you still desire? Please contact us, we will gladly make you an offer.

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