VAR Ashtray & litter bin combinations

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    VAR combination ashtrays: combining the benefits

    Combination ashtrays feature a large container at the top to collect cigarette butts in, and a large opening at the bottom for litter. Sound familiar, doesn't it? However, VAR combination ashtrays always go a few steps further when it comes to this indispensable item of equipment for outdoor facilities – be it with a surprisingly stylish appearance or with additional safety features such as rain hoods, floor anchors, and locks. Either way, these ashtrays save you having to purchase extra equipment to keep outdoor areas clean, while also making the most of the space available.

    Are you thinking that things can't get any better? They can – VAR GmbH from Marl will soon be adding a matching waste bin to its product range. After all, the Made-in-Germany traditionalists have been at home in the cleaning and sanitation sector for over 40 years. In 2020, the medium-sized company also launched the production of disinfectants, and has proved successful in this area ever since.