Garden power tools

These garden power tools make trimming hedges or lawns and cleaning paths a breeze. With rechargeable batteries for greater freedom of movement and to protect the environment.

In the category Garden power tools we offer you products of the following brands: Kärcher.

Garden power tools – for well-maintained outdoor areas

Green outdoor areas look good. But only when they are properly maintained. Our garden power tools make easy work of this.

What our garden power tools are good for

Big tufts of grass and straggly hedges make a bad impression on visitors. Poorly maintained paths increase the risk of accidents on your premises. Employees will also enjoy spending their breaks outdoors more if they don’t have to fight their way through piles of leaves.

These are just three of many good reasons to keep greenery in outdoor areas in shape and clear paths of leaves. Our garden power tools ensure you have the perfect equipment. Regardless of whether you intend to take care of the outdoor areas at your own facilities or company, or offer your services to others.

Our shop offers you the following products:

  • Rechargeable lawnmowers

  • Rechargeable strimmers

  • Rechargeable leaf blowers

  • Rechargeable hedge trimmers

Everything is rechargeable? Yes, and with good reason.

Easy to use, efficient and with few emissions – the advantages of rechargeable garden tools

A lot of efficiency with little effort, and convenience at the same time. Our garden power tools with rechargeable batteries combine any number of advantages for cutting lawns and hedges and cleaning large areas:

  • Plenty of freedom of movement: because the equipment is rechargeable, it doesn’t matter how far away is from the hedge the next power socket is. There are no cables in the way either.

  • High efficiency: renowned manufacturers such as Kärcher embody excellent performance with high functionality and ergonomics.

  • Low noise: noise-sensitive neighbours? Our rechargeable lawnmowers and leaf blowers are so quiet that they can be used around the clock, and won’t disturb anyone when used in front of hospitals or schools.

  • No exhaust fumes: you’re doing the environment a favour when there’s no exhaust fumes. You will also profit from low maintenance requirements. After all, you don’t need to change spark plugs on your lawnmower when using a rechargeable battery.

Which accessories do you need?

In many cases, none at all. This is because many of our garden power tools are supplied complete with all the trimmings. If the rechargeable battery is not included with the delivery, you can purchase individual ones from our shop. Or purchase them in pairs as a practical starter set. Both are also ideal as spare parts.

In addition, KAISER+KRAFT has all different products for attractive outdoor areas: benches for comfortable break areas, waste collectors, planter pots and much more. Just start browsing.

Do you have any questions about our garden power tools or other products from our range? Please contact us personally. We are there for you!