Step ladders

The right ladder is easy to set up and ascend: step ladders keep you flexible, because you can set up the climbing aid wherever you need it. Our models guarantee stability and safety!

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Safe ascent with step ladders

Where they are, you can ascend to great heights: Stepladders from KAISER+KRAFT are stable climbing aids that make work at heights safe. Whether for occasional use in the office, at racks in the warehouse or for construction and assembly: Choose between types that are accessible on one or both sides, from a simple step to a rung ladder with 16 steps to suit your requirements.

Depending on the model, the variety of types in our product range offers you specific, additional benefits due to their special features: Step ladders on castors with ergonomically shaped handrails increase safety and are easy to manoeuvre in an upright position. Padded front edges on the steps protect the user's knees and shins when leaning against them, which ensures a safe and comfortable footing. And when working on the platforms on our mobile safety steps, multi-sided railings provide good protection. A true benefit, especially at great heights.

The project? Running. The ladder? Standing!

When you want to go high, then stability is the key – for both man and machine. Textured step surfaces ensure anti-slip conditions for personnel, ladder feet made of plastic give the climbing aid better grip on the ground. The real highlight, however, can be found in the construction: the conical form prevents your step ladder from tilting. And although the safety of our ladders is given a high weighting, this is not reflected on the scales: step ladders made of aluminium or GRP can be set up or moved by one person – and that with a high load bearing capacity of up to 250 kg for the heavy-duty models.

Ladders for everyone – and for everything

Take a look at our range of ladders and scaffolding, it's almost as big as the universe. This is where you will also find multi-purpose ladders, telescopic ladders and lean to ladders – simply every conceivable device that makes working at heights safe. Is there something else you'd like? Contact us – we look forward to hearing from you!

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