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Mini lifters – it's not just your back that will love them.
''Please give it a lift!'' – if you just got a fright: don't worry. When we talk about mini lifters, we're not talking about plastic surgery, but rather about tools to make work easier. Or, to be more exact: it's about giving you a helping hand at work, and taking the load off your back. Because it gets subject to quite some loads during every day work when it comes to transporting goods for loading, loading conveyor systems or filling machines. Lifting, turning, pushing, tilting, lowering... if you don't pay close attention, you can soon find yourself risking a slipped disc or other unpleasant health problems when performing demanding and laborious tasks involving lifting. Just as well that mini lifters are available: using these compact, mobile and non-tilting lifting devices, you can lift and transport your goods for loading quickly, efficiently and safety – and some models even allow this to be done at the touch of a button.

Mini lifters, multi lifters, mobile lifters – what's the difference?
However, before your back starts feeling completely at ease, you first need to choose which new mini lifter you actually need. And the choice isn't easy! After all, it all depends on where you work, what exactly you need to raise and lower, and all the different functions your mini lifter needs to perform. How high, for example, does the load lifting capacity need to be? Will 65 kg be enough, or would 400 kg be better? Which lifting height is needed? Operated by a crank drive, or a more convenient electric drive? One way or another: you'll find we have the full bandwidth to choose from, from extremely light and folding mobile lifters with crank rotation and a maximum load of 125 kg, to individually configurable professional multi lifters made of stainless steel for the food and pharmaceutical industries – all of them high performance mini lifters. And if you still don't know which one of our lifting devices is the right one for you, then simply contact us. We're happy to provide you with advice!

Mini lifters

What's small, strong and makes your back happy? That's right: our mini lifters. The compact powerhouses raise, lower and transport your goods quickly and efficiently – some of them at the touch of a button.
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QCS 75 mini-lifter
steel/aluminium construction, max. load 75 kg
Ex. VAT 3.320,00
EUROKRAFT - Material lifter, mobile
max. load 100 kg, lifting range 80 - 900 mm
Ex. VAT 615,00
QCS 75 mini-lifter
aluminium/stainless steel construction, max. load 75 kg
Ex. VAT 5.180,00
Ex. VAT from 2.190,00
in steel, max. load 150 kg
Ex. VAT 4.805,00
in stainless steel, max. load 150 kg
Ex. VAT 6.060,00
Ex. VAT 3.580,00
Ex. VAT 4.050,00
Ex. VAT from 5.230,00
Ex. VAT 5.695,00
Mobile lift
model with crank drive, folding
Ex. VAT from 1.690,00
Mobile lift
electric model, stationary
Ex. VAT from 2.925,00
in stainless steel, max. load 300 kg
Ex. VAT 6.410,00
in steel, max. load 300 kg
Ex. VAT 4.935,00
Ex. VAT from 3.315,00
Ex. VAT from 4.090,00
Ex. VAT from 4.770,00
Platform lift
foot hydraulics
Ex. VAT from 846,00
Platform lift
Ex. VAT from 3.055,00
19 items found
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