Employees are only as good as the workplace where they work. This is 100% true for packing workstations, material flow systems and workplaces in factories and workshops. This is why many companies have already introduced quality management methods such as 5S, Kaizen or Lean Production. They are designed to help employees to concentrate on their core tasks at work and to reduce unnecessary worksteps, such as searching for work materials, over the long term. How is this done? By using products that can be individually customised for work processes and the people who perform them.

TRESTON is one of the leading companies in this particular area, and develops modular workplace systems to improve ergonomics, functionality and efficiency at the workplace. The TRESTON product configurator even allows customers to factor their company-specific processes into their configuration of a workplace system. There's a good reason the Finnish company has become one of the world's leading manufacturers – and it's because TRESTON always directs its focus on the customers, and therefore the people who use the workplaces.

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