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Storage containers – for secure storage
Storage containers and material containers, insulated containers and quick build containers in variable designs and sizes are available for you in this category. Material containers for outdoor use allow construction materials, work equipment and goods to be stored safely, well protected from moisture and weather conditions. Storage containers that have been designed to be stacked allow maximum utilisation of available space. Prefabricated rooms, produced in a quick build design, can provide additional storage space for short-term projects with manageable time frames. Not only the stability and the material make the storage containers secure and functional, but also security locks and good insulation. The material containers and storage containers are therefore the ideal choice for a wide variety of uses and, above all, secure storage for logistics and intermediate storage.

Material containers, storage containers and room systems
The material containers and room systems can be sourced as pre-assembled products or be delivered flat pack in individual parts. Once a wooden floor has been laid, then the storage containers are easy to clean and to keep spick-and-span. Whether a zinc plated container, a painted container or a different container version is the best possible choice will depend on the installation site and the goods to be stored in the material container. Depending on the specific design, the storage containers do not need a foundation of their own. Quick build containers with the patented quick build system can be installed easily without additional tools. When existing storage space needs to be enlarged by an exactly calculated floor space in particular, then material containers and quick build containers are a highly functional extension option. They can be realised quickly at any installation site in a courtyard, a hall or an entrance way, anywhere they are most practical. Their straightforward construction ensures the containers are also quick to disassemble. Business owners can adapt their available storage area to the latest respective requirements by moving them around. Inform yourself about all details of the storage room systems here in the high quality KAISER+KRAFT product range, and find your new storage container, prefabricated room or convenient warehouse extension at KAISER+KRAFT, including systems that can be combined by using extension units when required, and which can be expanded to form a respectable small storage area of up to 30 m².

Storage containers

Do you have a lot of things to store but very little space? Storage containers might be the right solution for you, because they provide an extremely high level of flexibility when using the space available, and sturdy protection from weathering – both indoors and outdoors.
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Insulated container
zinc plated, with wooden floor
Ex. VAT from 4.250,00
Quick build container
zinc-plated, disassembled, without wooden floor
Ex. VAT from 1.145,00
Quick build container
zinc-plated, disassembled, with wooden floor
Ex. VAT from 1.195,00
Quick build container
zinc-plated, assembled, with wooden floor
Ex. VAT from 1.330,00
Materials container combination
zinc plated, without wooden floor
Ex. VAT from 3.850,00
Materials container combination
zinc plated, with wooden floor
Ex. VAT from 4.085,00
6 items found
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