BISLEY Lockers, locking compartments

Give your employees security: BISLEY lockers and lockable compartments

Private belongings that go amiss quickly cause an upset among employees at a company. Use BISLEY lockers and lockable compartments to help prevent this, and help avoid disputes at your company. BISLEY lockers and lockable compartments can be divided into different compartments and bays, and feature a clothes rail with movable hooks. The doors are equipped with label holders. This allows the individual cloakroom lockers to be allocated by name. BISLEY lockers are secured by means of a cylinder lock that is activated using a rotary bolt lock.

Innovation, design and functionality are the key words that best describe the products made by the BISLEY company. A timeless design and individual solutions for different workplaces allow your orders to be catered to optimally. You can also protect the property of your employees and guests with a high quality BISLEY locker or lockable compartment.