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EUROKRAFT – Material lifter

with spike

  • Exchangeable load support
  • Optionally available with fixed castors or 4-way chassis
  • Swivel castors with wheel stops
Material lifters with different load support equipment for many applications. Max. load 150 kg with 300 mm load centre. Brings materials or tools to the ideal working height. Can be transported using 2 swivels castors with wheel stops and 2 fork rollers or with a 4-way chassis. Lifting motion produced by self locking safety winch and precision roller chain.

For holding rolls up to 600 mm in length and with a core diameter greater than 48 mm. Holds and moves the roll, with transfer at the right height.
Available in most RAL colours. Only 10 % extra.
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  • Whether azure blue or salmon pink – we will customise the product for you for a surcharge of just 10%. Please note that this voids your right of return, and that the delivery time may be longer.
    The colours shown on your screen may deviate from the original.
EUROKRAFT – Material lifter, with spike
Price / item (Ex. VAT)
from 659,00
Order quantity:
{"articleNo":"M3428361","name":"EUROKRAFT – Material lifter with spike","baseProduct":"","productUrl":"/p/M3428361/","imageUrl":"/Lifting_Equipment/Mini_lifters/Material_lifter_pdpsmall--000067280504_PRD_org_all.jpg"}
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with fork rollers
Item no.:  522656 49
EUROKRAFT – Material lifter, with spike, with fork rollers
Fast 3-day delivery
Ex. VAT 659,00
{"articleNo":"522656","name":"EUROKRAFT – Material lifter with spike","baseProduct":"M3428361","productUrl":"/p/M3428361/","imageUrl":"/Lifting_Equipment/Mini_lifters/Material_lifter_pdpsmall--000067280504_PRD_org_all.jpg"}
Item properties:
Wheel fittings: 2 swivel castors with wheel stops, 2 fork rollers Castor diameter front / rear: 70 / 125 mm Fork roller material: nylon Fork roller diameter: 70 mm Model: with spike / fixed castors
{"features":[{"name":"Wheel fittings","normalizedName":"","value":"2 swivel castors with wheel stops, 2 fork rollers","formattedValue":"2 swivel castors with wheel stops, 2 fork rollers"},{"name":"Castor diameter front / rear [mm]","normalizedName":"","value":"70 / 125","formattedValue":"70 / 125"},{"name":"Fork roller material","normalizedName":"","value":"nylon","formattedValue":"nylon"},{"name":"Fork roller diameter [mm]","normalizedName":"","value":"70","formattedValue":"70"},{"name":"Model","normalizedName":"","value":"with spike / fixed castors","formattedValue":"with spike / fixed castors"}]}
with 4 swivel castors
Item no.:  522657 49
EUROKRAFT – Material lifter, with spike, with 4 swivel castors
Fast 3-day delivery
Ex. VAT 689,00
{"articleNo":"522657","name":"EUROKRAFT – Material lifter with spike","baseProduct":"M3428361","productUrl":"/p/M3428361/","imageUrl":"/Lifting_Equipment/Mini_lifters/Material_lifter_pdpsmall--000067280243_PRD_org_all.jpg"}
Item properties:
Wheel fittings: 2 steering wheels with wheel stops, 2 swivel castors Castor diameter front / rear: 35 / 125 mm Fork roller material: polyurethane Fork roller diameter: 35 mm Model: with spike / 4-way chassis
{"features":[{"name":"Wheel fittings","normalizedName":"","value":"2 steering wheels with wheel stops, 2 swivel castors","formattedValue":"2 steering wheels with wheel stops, 2 swivel castors"},{"name":"Castor diameter front / rear [mm]","normalizedName":"","value":"35 / 125","formattedValue":"35 / 125"},{"name":"Fork roller material","normalizedName":"","value":"polyurethane","formattedValue":"polyurethane"},{"name":"Fork roller diameter [mm]","normalizedName":"","value":"35","formattedValue":"35"},{"name":"Model","normalizedName":"","value":"with spike / 4-way chassis","formattedValue":"with spike / 4-way chassis"}]}

Technical data

Max. load 120 kg
Load centre 300 mm
Lifting range 120 – 985 mm
Overall length 970 mm
Overall width 506 mm
Overall height 1,265 mm
Clearance height 75 mm
Material steel
Finish powder coated
Colour signal blue RAL 5005
Steering wheel diameter 125 mm
Support leg length 610 mm
Conforms to DIN EN ISO 3691-5:2014
Lift per crank rotation 130 mm
Load suspension device LxW/Ø 600 x 42 mm
Supplied partially assembled
Weight 35.5 kg

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