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Packing paper, corrugated cardboard rolls

Torn open, crushed, full of dents... accidents involving packages happen despite the best precautions. Nothing is worse than harming the first impression – along with the package. Protecting and securing goods reliably is top priority in the mail order industry. Just as well that we have products on offer that provide this reliability and ensure the very best delivery outcome.
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Packing paper, 80 g/m²
large roll for vertical stands
from 149,00
from 77,90
Corrugated cardboard roll
length 70 m, quality 80 g/m²
from 35,90
3 items found
Secured with the right padding
Packing paper and corrugated cardboard rolls optimally secure and pad goods being sent. When you are using cardboard boxes in standard sizes in particular, there are often cavities left between the goods and the cardboard. Fill these up with corrugated cardboard and packing paper, in order to protect the contents of the package, along with the package itself. This ensures nothing slides around inside packages and parcels when they are being transported. No tears and holes open up in the packaging – which is important for making a good first impression on the recipient of the package. It will even help avoid return shipments. We offer you classic and high quality packing paper in single rolls and in large-scale rolls for vertical stands. Our corrugated cardboard rolls also have a high quality, are flexible and environmentally friendly.
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